[Webinar] Business Valuation of Companies with Incomplete Information
[Webinar] Business Valuation of Companies with Incomplete Information
17 June 2021, 4.00 pm - 5.30 pm

[Webinar] Business Valuation of Companies with Incomplete Information

17 June 2021, 4.00pm-5.30pm


Soliciting key business valuation information from companies with incomplete information arising from non-adherence to statutory requirements or from overseas companies, carry a unique set of challenges due to information disclosure limitations, difference in market value assessment parameters, etc. 
This webinar will discuss the limitations and key differences in approaches to the valuation techniques of such assets or businesses. Furthermore, the legal implications of valuation of such assets as a whole will also be discussed from a legal practitioner’s perspective when dealing with:

1)    The legal/regulatory requirements for valuation in a M&A deal, including SGX requirements
2)    Disclosure requirements relating to valuation reports
3)    Board’s reliance on expert valuation reports
4)    Dealing with valuation report in the M&A documentation including SPA




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  • Mr Chay Yiowmin,
    CVA  Member, IVAS Standards & Technical Working Group
    Founder and CEO, Chay Corporate Advisory Pte Ltd 
  • Ms Gwendolyn Gn,
    Partner, Shook Lin & Bok LLP


Discussion with Mr Chay Yiowmin and Ms Gwendolyn Gn









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