Research Associate, Asian Business Law Institute (ABLI)

What is this role about?  

The ABLI Research Associate will have the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of the convergence of Asian business laws through various legal research projects and events. The successful candidate will: 

  • Deepen expertise as a research specialist in the legal domain 

  • Work with senior government and judiciary stakeholders in Singapore and overseas 

  • Be part of a small collegiate team 

Candidate Qualities 

We are looking for candidates with… 

  • A strong degree in Law. 

  • Experience in one or more areas of law. Such experience may have been gained in academia and/or legal practice (either private or public sector). 

  • Strong research skills, excellent writing and editing skills, and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. 

  • A postgraduate degree(s) in a relevant field is preferred. 

Key Accountabilities  

  • Delivery of project outcomes on time and within budget. 

  • Management and engagement of project stakeholders. 

  • Provide relevant and accurate research findings and analysis. 

  • Ensure regular reporting and updates for decision making. 

Description of the Job Role 

Assisting Executive Director and Senior Fellows with the following.  

  • Undertaking research, literature reviews, environmental scanning and industry analysis of issues relevant to ABLI, including: 

    • mapping the work of other (regional/international) organisations/institutions to identify organisations/institutions with whom ABLI can work, identify potential areas of conflict/duplication and identify unique areas where ABLI can have a meaningful impact; 
    • monitoring of developments internationally/regionally which are relevant to ABLI’s projects; and 

    • managing, reviewing and/or summarising plethora of research papers, consultation papers, legislation, regulations and translations produced by others that are relevant to ABLI’s projects. 

  • Identifying and managing project stakeholders regionally/internationally, including assisting with: 

    • outreach efforts to potential stakeholders; 
    • keeping stakeholders abreast and engaged in project developments (e.g., through newsletters); and 

    • measuring and monitoring of stakeholder engagement. 

  • Development and execution of project outcomes (e.g., books, white papers, and webinars), including assisting with:  

    • gathering data from audiences on their requirements (e.g., through developing and running of surveys/consultation groups); 
    • organising webinars and workshops and managing the attendees thereto; 

    • reviewing drafts of project outcomes for accuracy and completeness, as well as undertaking research/analysis to ensure accuracy and completeness; and 
    • drafting analysis on issues relevant to projects. 

  • Marketing and promotion of project outputs, including assisting with: 

    • drafting, and conducting interviews for, blog/LinkedIn posts to market/promote project outputs;  
    • reaching out to third-parties to promote project outputs; and 

    • measuring, monitoring and reporting of performance metrics (e.g., sales, downloads, citations, and audience satisfaction) of project outputs. 
  • Developing, managing and adhering to the strict project timelines and budgets. 

  • Working with ABLI’s Executive Director and Senior Fellows to align the above with ABLI’s other research projects. 

  • Preparing applications, budgets and reports to ABLI and SAL governance bodies, including ABLI Board of Governors and Advisory Board. 

About the Organisation 

The Asian Business Law Institute (ABLI) is an Institute based in Singapore that initiates, conducts and facilitates research and produces authoritative texts with a view to providing practical guidance in the field of Asian legal development and promoting the convergence of Asian business laws. 

Among ABLI’s core tasks are: 

  • to evaluate and stimulate the development of Asian law, legal policy, and practice, and in particular make proposals for the further convergence of business law among Asian Countries and regions; 

  • to study Asian approaches regarding business laws and practice in drafting legal instruments, restatements of law or model rules; 

  • to conduct and facilitate pan-Asian research, in particular to draft, evaluate or improve principles and rules which are common to the Asian legal systems; and 

  • to provide a forum, for discussion and cooperation, between the business community and the legal fraternity including, inter alia judges, lawyers, academics and other legal professionals, who take an active interest in Asian business law development. 

To accomplish its tasks, ABLI operates on its own initiative. It is also, however, available for consultation by institutions involved in the development of law on an Asian, international or national level. 

ABLI is a subsidiary of the Singapore Academy of Law. 

This is a contract position.

Interested candidates are invited to apply here. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.