Registration & Enquiries

  1. Registration for the event may be made: 

    (a) online by logging on to the events registration page(s)
    (b) online through a firm’s/organisation’s Online Purchase Co-ordinator account with SAL
    (c) by email and you may direct your enquiries to the telephone numbers below:

    Main Line 
    Tel: (65) 6332 4388
    [email protected]
  1. To avoid delays in registration, please ensure that all registration details are clearly provided. Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability of seats. Priority will be accorded to registrations received with payment.

Member's Rate

  1. Members’ rates for registrations are not applicable to the following:

    (a) members who are on membership fee waiver; and
    (b) members who owe the Singapore Academy of Law S$500 or more for a period of 90 days or longer.
  1. These terms and conditions for Members’ rates are not applicable to online registrations made by Online Purchase Co-ordinator.


  1. Registration fees must be paid in full on or at least 1 week before the event start date (“closing date”) to ensure admission.
  2. Registrations received on or before the closing date are confirmed unless otherwise notified. In any case, e-mail confirmation will be sent upon confirmation of registration.
  3. Cheque payments should be made payable to ‘SINGAPORE ACADEMY OF LAW’ (our GST registration number is M4-0005863-6) and mailed to:

    Singapore Academy of Law
    1 Coleman Street, #08-06 The Adelphi
    Singapore 179803
    Attn: (insert name of the department)

  1. On the back of the cheque, please write:

        (a) The title of the event; and
        (b) The name(s) of the registrant(s)

  1. For GIRO payment (if applicable), the amount due will be deducted on the 25th of each month from the designated bank account. If it falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday, the deduction will be made on the next working day.

SDF Approved Courses

  1. For Skills Development Fund (SDF) Approved Courses, please apply for SDF assistance at If the claim is for any reason rejected by Workforce Development Agency (WDA), SAL may recover the cost from the participant's company.

Cancellations and Refunds

  1. A sum of S$21.40 (inclusive of GST) will be levied for administrative charges for any cancellation received in writing on or before the closing date.
  2. However, the registration fees will remain payable in full:

        (a) if notice of cancellation is received after the closing date; or
        (b) if a participant fails to attend the event for any reason whatsoever; or
        (c) if a participant arrives late or fails to attend any part of the event; or
        (d) for cancellation of registration for any events for which refund is expressly stated to be unavailable.

  1. SAL reserves the right to cancel an event or change the venue, speakers and dates, or revise the programme or fees should circumstances so warrant.

Transferring of registrations

  1. Registrations are transferable within the same organisation and same fee category. Please provide the name of the substitute at least two days in advance. If a non-member is nominated to attend in place of a member, the fee difference must be paid before the commencement of the event for the transfer to be valid.
  2. This requirement does not apply to transfers of online registrations made by an Online Purchase Co-ordinator.
  3. For events where certificates will be issued, participants will only receive a certificate if they attended the entire event.

Online Purchase Coordinator ("OPC")

  1. An OPC account may be opened through the completion and return of the Form for Application for OPC Account with SAL.
  2. An OPC must be approved and appointed by his/her firm/organisation. SAL shall not be held responsible for any unauthorised registrations via the SAL website and SAL shall be entitled to full payment for such registrations.
  3. In case of a change in an OPC, the firm/organisation may transfer the existing UserID to the new authorised OPC and at the same time the password may be reset by the firm.
  4. An OPC has to ensure that the name(s) of participant(s) selected from the SAL website is/are correct before submitting an online registration. SAL reserves the right to reject any request for change in participant(s) and the registration shall remain payable in full.
  5. If an OPC opts for payment by cheque, cheque for the full amount due must be received by SAL within 14 days from the date of the online registration.
  6. If an OPC account is in arrears for more than 90 days, SAL reserves the right to disable the account.
  7. All other applicable terms and conditions stipulated herein on this SAL webpage shall apply to online registrations by OPC.


Programmes under SAL Training
Terms & Conditions


a.   Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) is committed on maintaining the confidentiality of the learner's personal information and undertakes not to reveal any of the learner's information to any 3rd party without prior written consent of the learner. At SAL, a learner's personal information is collected, used and disclosed for the following purposes:

  • To process the application
  • For programme administration and billing
  • To enable the trainers/facilitators to know the background of the programme learners
  • To submit to organisations for programme funding verification (only applicable to funded programmes)
  • For marketing of programmes to learners
  • To understand and study the profile of its learners for SAL’s policy making and planning
  • To deal with any matter related to the programme

b.   For funded programmes (E.g SDF) a learner will pay upfront the total fee at the point of application to SAL. Learners need to note that his/her application for funding claim will be rejected by the respective funding agency should he/she fail to meet any of the requirements set under the funding scheme (as stated below or otherwise):

  • Learner achieves less than the minimum 75% attendance required by the programme.
  • Learner fails to sit for the required assessment/s.
  • Learner fails to achieve a “Competent” grade for the required assessment/s.

c.   Post-Programme Survey (For WSQ Programmes):

  • A Post-Programme survey will be conducted for WSQ programmes. The first survey will be conducted 3 months after completion of the programme.

d.   Programme Assessment (For WSQ Programmes):

  • Learners are advised to be punctual on the day of examination / assessment, as he/she may be barred from taking the examination / assessment if they are late.
  • If the learner is found cheating, SAL reserves the rights to take necessary actions including assessing them as “Not Yet Competent”.
  • If the learner is found to be “Not Yet Competent” and wishes to appeal, he/she is to submit appeal form, with a fee of S$ 200.00, within 7 days of the result.

e.   e-Cert/Statement of Attainment (SOA) (For WSQ Programmes):

     Learners will receive a notification from WDA to download their e-Cert via

f.   Procedures for Assessing Appeal (For WSQ Programmes):

  • A learner who is assessed as 'Not Yet Competent' and wishes to appeal this outcome must submit the Appeal for Review of Assessment Grade Form (Attention: Assistant Director, Learning and Development) within 3 working days of the assessment. An admin fee of S$ 214.00 (inclusive of GST) is payable to Singapore Academy of Law, to lodge an appeal. The appeal will be evaluated by the Appeal Panel.
  • If the appeal is successful, a fresh round of assessment will be conducted and S$ 107.00 (inclusive of GST) will be refunded. If the appeal is unsuccessful and the learner would like to take a re-assessment, an additional admin fee of S$ 107.00 (inclusive of GST) will be charged for re-assessment.

g.   Please complete all registration forms in full. If you are a company, please ensure your company stamp is on every page of your registration form(s) and email them to SAL Training at [email protected]

Confirmation. Submitted registrations are subject to written confirmation by SAL Training. Confirmation email will be sent at least 5 calendar days before commencement of the session.

i.   Utilising SkillsFuture Credits

Learners who wish to utilise their SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) to offset the course fees need to note the following:

  1. With effect from 21 April 2017 – Learners can submit their claims 60 days before event start date instead of 30 days.
  2. With effect from 19 May 2017 - Learners have one option of payment i.e. amount deducted from learner’s SFC, will be disbursed to SAL directly.
  3. Learners who wish to utilise their SFC to offset the course fees need to submit a print screen of the SFC balance and notify SAL how much they wish to use. Onus is on the learner to submit the actual balance of their SFC account to SAL. Whatever the balance payment amount may be, learners need to pay in full before their registrations are processed and confirmed.
  4. From 19 May 2017 - Should learners need to cancel their claims, they can do so up till the course start date itself. Should the learners withdraw once the class commencement email is sent out by SAL, a cancellation fee of S$ 21.40 (payable not by SFC) will be imposed.
  5. Learners will be responsible to cancel any submitted SFC claims before the course start date (due to their own cancellation/deference reasons).

j.   Payment. Cheque payments must be received by SAL Training within 5 calendar days of the email confirmation in order for the registration to be completed. SAL reserves the right to deny admission if payment is not received before the commencement of the session.

Refunds. No refund of fees is available except for withdrawals made prior to the confirmation email; or withdrawals made after the confirmation email but more than 30 calendar days from the commencement of the session (‘permitted refunds’). Permitted refunds will be of the full course fee net of the SAL admin fee (see below). There will be no refund for no-shows, who shall be required to make payment in full.

Replacements. A learner who is unable to attend a session which has not commenced may be replaced with another learner provided that details of the new learner together with a request for replacement is received via email by email at least 7 calendar days prior to the commencement of the session. A learner cannot replace the registered course with another course, or replace the registered session of a course with another session of the same course.

Admin fee. SAL will levy an administrative charge of S$21.40 (incl GST) on approved refunds and replacements.

Closing date. Registrations close between 7-14 calendar days (depending on programmes) before commencement of the session or when the session is full, whichever is sooner. Please check with SAL Training at [email protected]

Changes. SAL reserves the right to cancel any course (including any session thereof), or change the venue, speakers and dates, or revise the programme or fees should circumstances so warrant.

Intellectual Property. The contents of and materials provided in as part of a course are the intellectual property of SAL and/or its partners, consultants, trainers and guest speakers; may not be disseminated or reproduced in any format; and are for participants’ personal, educational and non-commercial use only.

Photography. SAL may take photographs during the session(s) for use in SAL’s marketing collaterals and other publicity purposes.