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Lawyers share practice tips on ten areas of law via new online journal

 Three other new titles released include updated editions of books on law of carriage of goods by sea and data protection law and a new casebook on Singapore intellectual property law

Singapore, 12 September 2018 – Written by lawyers for lawyers, SAL Practitioner is one of four new titles released today by Academy Publishing, a division of the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL).

Available free on Journals Online, SAL Practitioner features articles, commentaries, case notes and legislative updates which are pertinent to the practise of law.


There are currently ten subject areas of practice and each is curated by a subject editor, an expert practitioner who commissions the contributors and reviews the submissions. The subject areas include Advocacy and Procedure, edited by Abraham Vergis and Kenny Lau; Crime, edited by Shashi Nathan and Tan Zhongshan; Insolvency and Restructuring, edited by Ashok Kumar; Construction and Infrastructure, edited by Edwin Lee; and Intellectual Property Law, edited by Tan Tee Jim, SC. As an example of what readers can expect, one of the Advocacy articles published has been attached to this news release.

SAL Practitioner was launched at IMPRINTS 2018, an annual event held by Academy Publishing to thank contributors who have helped make the year a success. The event was hosted by Judges of Appeal Andrew Phang and Judith Prakash – judges who head the committees which have oversight of the law reports, books and journals.

In his Welcome Remarks, Justice Andrew Phang shared that Academy Publishing is looking to expand its scope to include books and monographs on Asian and ASEAN law. In addition, he highlighted that e-publishing prior to print publishing is now the norm for the Singapore Law Reports and SAL journals, and that Academy Publishing titles are now available on SAL’s LawNet portal.

IMPRINTS 2018 also showcased three other recently-published titles.

One of the new titles is the third edition of Law on Carriage of Goods by Sea, written by Justice Tan Lee Meng, Senior Judge of the Supreme Court of Singapore. After the second edition of this book was published in 1994, the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act was amended to give the Hague-Visby Rules the “force of law”, bringing the Singapore position on the effect of these Rules in line with UK law.

Since the last edition, other aspects of the law on carriage of goods by sea have also been clarified and there have been many important judicial pronouncements on the effect of the Hague Rules and the Hague-Visby Rules. All these are considered in this new edition, which deals with voyage charterparties, time charterparties, demise charterparties, bills of lading, other documents used for carriage of goods by sea, third party rights under such contracts, the Hague Rules and the Hague-Visby Rules, limitation of action, loading of cargo, proceeding on the voyage, discharge and delivery of cargo, carriage of dangerous goods, laytime, freight and the shipowner’s liens.

Then there is Cases, Material and Commentary on Singapore Intellectual Property Law, authored by Professor David Llewelyn, Ng Hui Ming and Nicole Oh Xuan Yuan. It is the first book to be published under a new series Law Practice Casebook Series, which aims to provide an essential guide to practitioners and students.

There is comprehensive coverage of many significant judgments dealing with various aspects of IP law and many other recent judgments that the courts have handed down. The book also adopts a practical and user-friendly approach towards detailing the development of local legislation, regulation and case law.

It discusses the various forms of IP rights, not limited to patents, copyright and trademarks. The authors took great pains to comment on the law in respect of other forms of IP rights such as registered designs, layout-designs of integrated circuits, geographical indications, plant varieties, and confidential information, carefully curating references to Singapore legislation, regulations and case law.

The fourth book featured at IMPRINTS 2018 is Data Protection Law in Singapore – Privacy and Sovereignty in an Interconnected World (Second Edition).

With Singapore wanting to position itself as a hub for e-commerce, a robust legislative framework is required. Singapore’s reason for the Personal Data Protection Act was to find a balance between legitimate needs of businesses and rights of individuals; this is different from other jurisdictions, such as the European Union, which focus on human rights and the right to privacy.

The second edition of the book sees five new chapters: relationship between data protection laws and privacy; evolving technology and data protection; image rights and data protection; framework for accountability in handling personal data; and cross-border issues in data protection.

The book illuminates how Singapore can achieve its goal as a trusted participant in the new digital economy.

About Academy Publishing

Academy Publishing is a division of the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). It was officially launched on 18 May 2007 by the President of SAL, the Honourable the Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong. This division was set up to publish books and other texts on Singapore law and its objectives are threefold:

  • To provide affordable legal materials to the legal profession (including corporate counsel), law academics, law students and the judiciary;
  • To provide an alternative avenue to the academics in our law schools to publish their writings and thereby encourage them to produce more works; and
  • To disseminate the laws of Singapore to a wider public in the region and internationally.

The titles to be published are selected by a Commissioning Panel. Academy Publishing is not profit-driven and its immediate priority is to publish books on areas of law that fulfil practice and student needs although other kinds of legal texts will also be included.

About the Singapore Academy of Law

SAL is a promotion and development agency for Singapore’s legal industry. Our vision is to make Singapore the legal hub of Asia.

SAL works with our stakeholders to set new precedents of excellence in Singapore law through developing thought leadership, world class infrastructure and legal solutions. Our mandates are to build up the intellectual capital of the legal profession by enhancing legal knowledge, raise the international profile of Singapore law, promote Singapore as a centre for dispute resolution, and improve the standards and efficiency of legal practice through continuing professional development and the use of technology.

As a body established by statute, SAL also undertakes statutory functions such as stakeholding services and appointment of Senior Counsel, Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public.

SAL is led by a Senate headed by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, and comprising the Attorney-General, the Supreme Court Bench and key leaders of the various branches of the legal profession. It has more than 12,000 members, including the Bench, all persons who are called as advocates and solicitors of the Supreme Court (i.e. the Bar) or appointed as Legal Service Officers, corporate counsel, faculty members of the three local law schools (i.e. National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and Singapore University of Social Sciences) and foreign lawyers in Singapore.

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